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get link The iCRTR team had a record year of publishing in international journals in 2014 and continued on the upward trend that we experienced in 2012 and 2013. It was my third year of working with the graduate students and professors at PKU and the “harvesting” of all our combined hard work and dedication was truly there to see. Having a passion for research is a characteristic that I have always tried to spark in my graduate students at Purdue and now at PKU. It has been so rewarding to watch this passion growing among our iCRTR students this past year. I have constantly reminded my students that publishing “never gets old” and it is like putting money into a permanent savings account at the bank. Nobody, not even you, can withdraw your publishing “funds” and the interest earned (your recognition) just keeps piling up the more you publish. During 2014, we were mindful of the current issues and opportunities in China’s tourism sector, launching into several new streams of research. These included new primary research on outbound tourism from China; analysis of the impact of air pollution (smog) on international tourist satisfaction when traveling within China; examining perceptions of authenticity in re-created heritage attractions; studying the impacts of new applications of information communication technologies (ICTs) by China’s destination management organizations (DMOs); assessing the interactions of urbanization and rural tourism; and doing several research studies in ecotourism and wildlife tourism.

no prescription german online drugstore prednisone iCRTR had articles accepted in 2014 by an expanding range of top international journals including Tourism Management, Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research, Current Issues in Tourism, Journal of Heritage Tourism, Journal of Convention & Event Tourism, Journal of Vacation Marketing, International Journal of Tourism Cities, and Anatolia. Several other manuscripts were submitted in 2014 and are currently under review.

get link iCRTR continued its very close cooperation in 2014 with the International Tourism Studies Association (ITSA). This culminated with the highly successful staging of the 5th ITSA Biennial Conference in Perth, Western Australia on November 26-28, 2014. Earlier in 2014, iCRTR students were also in Australia presenting research at the Annual CAUTHE Conference in Brisbane, Queensland.

source url 1 The expansion of iCRTR’s relationships with international universities also continued with new cooperative activities in Portugal, Spain, Germany, Italy, and North and South America. We deepened our friendships and collaboration with universities in Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Italy during 2014 as well.

comprare viagra generico 25 mg a Verona We are looking forward with great expectations for a wonderful and productive year in 2015.

dove acquistare viagra generico 25 mg a Genova CRTR Director, Prof. Wu Bihu was invited to attend the 3rd Annual Conference of China Tourism Industry Development on 5th January 2014 in Beijing. The conference, consist of ‘Industry Forum’ and ‘Annual Report’, was jointly organized by China Tourism Association and China Tourism News Agency. The forum, with the theme of ‘Let the smart technology be the wings of tourism’ have brought new ideas for future national tourism development. And Top 10 Tourism News of 2013, Top 10 Tourism Words of 2013, China Travel List of 2013 and Prediction of Tourism Hot Spot of 2014 were announced during the Annual Report session, providing a good opportunity to evaluate the overall condition of tourism in China in 2013, and make significant predictions of the coming future. Prof. Wu Bihu presented a speech on ‘New Competitiveness of future City Tourism in a Context of Deepening the Reform’. In the circumstances that multiple reform policies related with village conservation, ecological civilization construction, national park construction and land system reform had been launched, Prof. Wu gave his suggestions to the governments that they should take advantages of big data technology to deeply analysis the market demand and develop more diverse tourism products in the process of urbanization in the new era of reform. 3

dove comprare viagra generico a Torino The 2014 International Holiday Destination Forum, jointly hosted by People. cn, International Tourism Studies Association (ITSA), Tourist Administration of Zhejiang Province and People’s Government of Zhoushan, organized by People’s Government of Putuo District, BES Woniu (Beijing) Tourist Attraction Management CO. Ltd, BES Consulting Group, was held successfully at the Westin Zhujiazui Resort in Zhoushan, Zhejiang on December 21, 2014. CRTR Director, Secretory-General of ITSA Prof. Wu Bihu presented a keynote speech with the topic of ‘Why does Holiday Destination Fail? An Analysis of Commons Dilemma’. CEO of ITSA Prof. Alastair M. Morrison, Dean of Chinese Tour Research Institute Dai Bin, Director of Hangzhou Tourism Commission and managers of each tourist administration, tourist attraction in tourist cities were also invited to attend the conference. 400 domestic and overseas scholars, experts, representatives from government, tourism enterprises and news media gathered together to have a heated discussion about how to build international holiday destinations. International Holiday Destination Standards was issued and the first International Holiday Destination Expert Committee was elected during the forum. Representatives appealed to every attendee to learn from foreign experiences, establish international guiding standards, expand global market actively to help construct tourist resort projects, develop tourist resort products, improve smart public service system and finally build an integral global leisure and vacation ecosystem. CRTR Director, Secretory-General of ITSA Prof. Wu Bihu drew attention to the evaluation of international holiday destination evaluation, the purpose of which was not to offer awards to the best destinations, but to raise public awareness of the development of holiday tourism in China, to help people understand the significance of international holiday destination and how to transform an existing tourist attraction into an international holiday destination. 5 The 2014 International Holiday Destination Forum released a positive signal for holiday tourism destination development in China. The evaluation is aiming to help tourists find best vacation tourism destination around the world in 2014, with a wide-ranging collection of tourist cities, tourist attractions and holiday resorts undergoing the process of display on website, shooting by press media and evaluation by experts. The comprehensive evaluation was guided by experts in Universities and think-tanks and elected by the review committee consisted of government officials in tourism administrations, scholars, travel agency CEOs, managers in tourist consulting companies etc. It was acknowledged by the public and travel authorities that the 2014 International Holiday Destination Evaluation has been the most authoritative and most influential brand activity in the domain of China’s tourism and resort activities.