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December 10, 2012. Dr. James F. Petrick, Associate Professor of Texas A & M University  Department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism Science was invited by Professor Wu Bihu, the Secretary-General of the International Tourism Studies Association, to give a lecture entitled “A Comprehensive Analysis of the Determinants of Cruise Tourists behaviors” at Peking University. Peking University doctoral and graduate students were all present. First, Dr. James F. Petrick has made a general analysis of the loyalty of the tourists, considering high customer loyalty the first goal of all operators; then he has introduced to his team the cruise tourists’ loyalty, the decision-making process of tourists on cruise ships, the motivation to choice cruise travel and the reasons for restricting their travel, a key factor that influence the loyalty and repeat visits, a valuable analysis for theoretical and practical aspects.

After his speech, Professor Wu Bihu gave to Dr. James F. Petrick honoring  gifts to express thanks for his visit and his speech and in the hope of closer academic exchanges and cooperation between PKU and Texas A & M University.