tea plantation

ITSA International Yangsheng Workshop to be held in Wuyishan, Fujian Province, China on April 6-12, 2013

This event brings together academics, practitioners and local government officials to investigate and evaluate the potential for developing health and wellness resources for tourism and other industry applications. Around 300 delegates will attend and four foreign experts from universities and international marketing companies will eagerly share their knowledge of health and wellness tourism worldwide.

Wuyi Mountain (Wuyishan) is a unique place where Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism philosophies coexist in peace and harmony and contribute to a distinctive yangsheng (wellness) culture. The local area has beautiful natural landscapes and is associated with many famous historical figures. Wuyi Mountain is also recognized around the world for its high-quality teas. The mild climate contributes to the exceptional scenery and rich biodiversity, and these together provide a wonderful platform for the development of the health and wellness industry.

 A six-day research field trip producing an advisory report will be held in advance of the workshop. The field trip will be co-led by Prof. Alastair Morrison, Prof. Bihu (Tiger) Wu and Prof. Laszlo Puczkó (famous author on health and wellness tourism and founder of The Tourism Observatory for Health, Wellness and Spas). They will be assisted by four graduate students from Peking University. A final report will be produced one month after the workshop to provide overall guidance, and a macroeconomic analysis of regional investment and tourism product design. The workshop will be followed by an International Yangsheng Conference later this year.

 More details will be provided later  by e-mailing secretariat@itsa-asia.com.