deputy  Beijing- June 25th  Prof. Alastair M. Morrison, President of ITSA has been appointed as the Vice-Chairman of the Expert Committee of the World Tourism Cities Federation (“WTCF”).  Professor Bihu Wu, Secretary-General of ITSA, was invited as a founding member of the WTCF Expert Committee. Both positions were made by Cheng Hong, Vice Mayor of Beijing and Lu Yong, Secretary-General of the World Tourism Cities Federation and the Head of Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development The Expert Committee is a high-level, advisory group to WTCF and also functions as a think-tank. It is composed of 15 world-renowned university and industry experts providing WTCF with intellectual support through research and functioning as an academic exchange platform for increasing the global development of tourism in cities.

The leadership of this new group consists of Prof. Xiaoan Wei, Expert Committee Chairman and Professor of the China Tourism Academy, Prof. Morrison of Purdue University and President of ITSA, Prof. Hui Zhang of Beijing Jiaotong University, and Prof. Tongqian Zou of Beijing International Studies University. expert committee members


The Expert Committee is established as a non-governmental organization of World Tourism Cities Federation by the Chinese Government with foreign expert leaders in the highest positions. Prof. Morrison will be primarily responsible for the Research Committee of the expert group and for the professional development and global marketing strategy for guiding international research projects.

Background on WTCF: First proposed by the Beijing Municipality, the World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) is the world’s first non-profit international non-governmental organization which is co-initiated by a number of international tourism cities with voluntarily memberships by tourism cities and other tourism organizations around the world. With “to create better city life through better tourism” as its motto, WTCF is committed to promoting exchanges and cooperation among member cities, creating opportunities for members to share experiences in tourism development, exploring tourism issues and problems, strengthening development and cooperation in tourism markets, enhancing the development levels of tourism, and promoting the coordinated economic and social development of world tourism cities.