6th ITSA Biennial Conference

The 6th ITSA Biennial Conference will be held in London on the campus of the University of Greenwich in August 2016. The event will be hosted by the Department of Marketing, Events and Tourism (MET) in the Business School and James Kennell will serve as the Conference Chair. The theme of the 6th ITSA Biennial Conference will focus on urban tourism and tourism cities. Several sub-themes will be incorporated including: heritage and cultural tourism in urban and peri-urban environments; river and waterfront tourism; events and festivals; and the Chinese outbound market to the UK and Europe.


Abstract Submission Deadline: April 30, 2016

Decision Notification: May 31, 2016

Full Paper Submission Deadline: July 8, 2016

Prof. Philip Pearce, President of ITSA warmly invites all ITSA members and friends to attend the event in saying – “Samuel Johnson famously said, ‘When a man gets tired of London he is tired of life.’ ITSA 2016 will not tire anyone; we will all be lively and full of life in London for our conference. As President I invite you all to an academically lively time in London in August.”


Prof. Bihu Wu, Secretary-General of ITSA talked about the selection of London-Greenwich in the context of the Association’s history. “Of course as a geographer I am intrigued by Greenwich and its history and strategic location, but the choice of London-Greenwich is even more meaningful for ITSA. Having had five highly successful Biennial Conferences in the Asia-Pacific region, it was ITSA’s goal to branch out to Europe as a next step. London is a premier location for any conference given its convenient air links and multiple attractions.”  



A Message from our President

The start of 2016 and the New Year marks the beginning of many significant events. We hope at ITSA that the London Greenwich conference in mid-August will be one of the defining events of the year for as many ITSA members and friends as possible. While the Rio Olympics may attract more attention (!), it is also anticipated that there will be a good representation of individuals from many countries at our UK event. As President I urge you to come, and if you have to do so, bypass other conferences in favour of the ITSA good times. The particular reason for coming to our Biennial event is to live the ITSA vision of connecting with scholars from different countries who have varied levels of experience in tourism scholarship and development. We intend to have a special best paper award for joint research by scholars who have cooperated across countries in producing their ITSA paper. I see this joint, cross national research as mutually beneficial for all involved in the international sharing of approaches and ideas and a core mark of the ITSA vision to connect scholars.
Philip Pearce

It is not too late to start an initiative which could bear fruit at the conference. The massive amounts of data about tourism which are now online could be a significant resource for a paper. Using such resources could tie together new scholarly partnerships. But even if the ability to study tourism cross nationally remains elusive for you for the 2016 conference, come along anyway and find a friend at the conference with whom you might work for possible mutual future benefit.


In the spirit of caring about the well-being of the international scholarly community I wish you the most precious of research gifts for 2016- time. That is, time to read, time to think, time to research, time to write and time to enjoy yourself amidst the sometimes challenging world we live in as tourism educators, scholars and researchers. I wish you all time and good health for a good time in 2016.


Best thoughts


Philip Pearce


ITSA President

(from December 2015 Newsletter)

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