Tourism and traditional landscapes: Sustainability, revitalization and resiliency

The 1st ITSA Asia-Pacific Tourism Symposium

Co-organized by

The International Tourism Studies Association (ITSA)


Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) 

Host place: Beppu, Ōita, Japan

Date: August 20th to 24th 2019

Call for papers:

The aim of this symposium is to promote knowledge about traditional landscapes in urban and rural areas in Japan and around the world with focus on the role of tourism in sustaining such landscapes. It brings scholars and professionals together to share lessons learned from the communities who have sustained their traditional landscapes, as well as to discuss the challenges that communities are facing in revitalizing of traditional landscapes and  sustainability problems.

Besides panel discussions, several excursions will be organized that take participants to on site workshops near Beppu. The excursions will provide the opportunity for participants to collect firsthand information and direct observation of Japanese traditional landscapes and their-related tourism businesses, and how tourism is used in Japan as an important means to protect and revitalize traditional culture and landscapes. If you are willing to attend and present at the symposium, please submit a 250 words abstract of related research before May 31st, 2019, and we will notify you before June 20st, 2019 if your work is accepted. Please send the abstract to Professor Ying Zhang. Email:

Topics of interests:

The submission of abstracts in the following areas is particularly encouraged: 

  • Rural tourism
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Community-based tourism
  • Health and wellness tourism
  • Agri-heritage tourism
  • Cultural heritage tourism
  • Food tourism
  • Sports tourism
  • tourism at national parks and/or protected-areas
  • Art and craft tourism
  • Marine and coastal tourism
  • Wine tourism
  • Forest tourism

Conference schedule

Day Date Morning Afternoon Notes
1 August 20 Opening ceremony / Keynote(s) Parallel panels Gala dinner
2 August 21 On site workshop 1  
3 August 22 On site workshop 2  
4 August 23 On site workshop 3  
5 August24 Panel discussion base on excursions Conclusion and future planning   

On Site Workshops

Base on the theme of the symposium and the community capacity, the following workshops on excursions will be organized for conference participants.

Workshop venue Workshop information 
kannawa /Myoban area A one day workshop to Kannawa area in Beppu city.  Natural resources (mainly hot spring) for Spa and food tourism will be demonstrated in this workshop and the local community’s participation will be studied.
Usa Jingu/ Futago A case study of Futago will be analyzed. Kunisaki Peninsula is unique and famous in Japan for synchronized Buddhism and Shintoism. Temples and shrines in this region are  connected and provide a case study of authentic cultural heritage resource for tourism. You can visit several sites that explain this concept.  
Bamboo Artist and Museum A one day workshop about traditional heritage. Beppu city is famous for Bamboo crafting.  Plenty  of Bamboo forest available in form of unmanaged landscape. Chikurin Japanese term for managed forest and participants can explore both environments

 Notes: 1.All workshops start at 9 a.m and finish at 4 p.m.