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Our Regional Vice Presidents support the creation of regional ITSA networks around the world. These networks bring together tourism scholars through events, webinars and social activities. We will be updating this page with information about all of these networks, below.

Caribbean Tourism Researchers Network

In May of this year, the Caribbean region of International Tourism Studies Association (ITSA) launched the Caribbean Tourism Researchers Network. The group’s mission will be to improve the tourism sector in the Caribbean through research. Three goals of the initiative, over the next two years, will be: one, to strengthen ties among researchers with an interest in Caribbean tourism issues; two, to connect the group with other leading tourism researchers in ITSA and globally; and three, to facilitate the dissemination of cutting edge tourism research on the Region. While ITSA membership is encouraged for participation in this network, it is not required.

Picture: Roselle, St. Thomas, Jamaica

For more details on this important network, contact ITSA’s Regional Vice President for the Caribbean, Dr. Annmarie Nicely, at email address [email protected].

You can also visit the network’s Facebook page.