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The impressive performance of the IJTC – December 2023

Check out the outstanding performance of the December 2023 issue of the International Journal of Tourism Cities!

📶 Highlights:

🔅 19% more downloads in 2023 compared to 2022
🔆 Top 5 countries by downloads include both Western and Eastern economies
🔆 Special issue “Over-tourism and the Marketing of Smart Tourism Destinations” (2019) still holds the top position
🔆 Increased citation factor to 3.6 in 2023
🔆 Most downloaded in the last six months: Edward KOH’s “The end of over-tourism? Opportunities in a post-Covid-19 world.”

Key contributions of the journal:

🏌‍♀️ Bridging research gaps between developed and developing economies
🏌‍♀️ Disseminating research through an open-access policy for selected papers
🏌‍♀️ Publishing articles that remain relevant, advancing tourism research
🏌‍♀️ Recognition of the valuable contributions of top authors. #TourismResearch