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The success story of an Indian scholar: Phillip Pearce TRINERGY Program

How about a Saturday dedicated to the #uccess story of an Indian scholar?

Remember the Philip Pearce TRINERGY Program initiative by the International Tourism Studies Association (ITSA) in the lovely memory of Lt. Prof. Philip Pearce.

The program aimed to help an early-career academic in developing countries with research and publishing. The objective of the International Tourism Studies Association (ITSA) is to bridge the gaps in tourism studies and research, education, and training between developed and developing countries 🌏
And, within a few months, we have got our first #sucess story of Dr. RAJINDER KUMAR, Assistant Professor at the University of Ladakh.

To benefit from the Philip Pearce TRINERGY Program, please fill in this application form: 📩
If you have further queries, you may contact 
Alastair M. Morrison, Ph.D. – [email protected] 
Hera Oktadiana – [email protected]